Hi, my name is Zach Smith and I am a software developer from Kentucky.

Team Leadership

I tend to gravitate towards leadership roles in IT. I bring to the table strong experience leading distributed and local teams towards the victory line, spanning across multiple product types and industries. I lean on my years of personal programming experience, as well as group and pair programming history, to help look ahead for potential road blocks or hurdles along the way. I am comfortable in communications with stakeholders or client discussions, and help to foster a team culture to develop and release strong products. I utilize team communication mediums like Slack or Microsoft Teams, and ticketing and issue tracking solutions such as Jira, BaseCamp, or GitHub/GitLab. I excel at talent retention, in addition to the hiring of new talent into an existing team.

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Amazon Solutions Architecture

Whether you’re wanting to go serverless to cut costs and increase availability, or want to optimize your current business processes using the latest cloud computing technologies, I am a certified expert at finding the appropriate AWS solutions to design and deploy dynamically scalable, highly available, fault-tolerant, scalable and reliable applications. To fully take advantage of all AWS can offer, you need an AWS Solutions Architect like myself to hand-select the best AWS services to design and deploy an application, or enterprise-wide scalable operations. If you’re not already on AWS, I can migrate complex, multi-tier applications to AWS.

I enjoy implementing the various decoupled AWS microservices offered to help my clients reach true Global Reach for their brands. The biggest advantage of having a Solutions Architect like myself on your side is my ability to implement cost-control strategies.

Frontend & Backend Development

I first started out in website development as a frontend designer and developer, with a passion for design and the goal to master backend development as well as frontend. I learned from job postings that this made me what is called an “unicorn”, because experts in both frontend and backend are as elusive as unicorns. My skill set grew from frontend mastery to navigating within PHP and Linux servers, using PHP as my main programming language. As a lifelong learner and professional developer, I went on to conquer Object Oriented Programming with PHP, creating even more value for my valued clients. I then moved onto C++, advanced API development, OOP JavaScript development, server bash scripting and DevOps - and even custom SugarCRM plugin development or Dart for super fun projects!

I crave the large scale and complex projects that create long-term client relationships.

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Enterprise Level Mobile App Development

I offer the ability to create the mobile phone app, hybrid app, and build the custom API to introduce the strong foundation for an app to scale in use. I've created apps to help companies manage sales flows with their sales and management teams, logistics automation and tracking, social networking and media companies, and passion projects for entrepreneurs across the planet. I enjoy building mobile apps using the languages Dart and Flutter, created by Google, to curate highly specialized and scalable mobile experiences. I've released custom mobile and tablet applications in the Construction, Healthcare, Logistitcs, and Financial sectors for many years.


What used to be a buzzword, DevOps is now a tangible value to my day-to-day operations. With my AWS and Google Cloud server management experience, I have honed my complex bash scripting to meet unique needs for websites and applications. I enjoy deploying unique AWS API Gateway architecture, coupled with custom FAAS applications via Lambda to help decouple the application away from the logic. I am the first to offer the best AWS service solution, with experience in Batch, EMS, SNS and SES, custom elastic architecture, data handling and storage via s3, Polly, OpsWorks, DynamoDB - I could go on. I manage unique server situations that years ago simply didn't exist, and I continue to stay in the mix as this industry continues to evolve.

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WordPress Theme & Plugin Development

I have worked extensively with WordPress as a base CMS for my projects since it literally first came out, and have released over 300+ successful user experiences for brands across the Healthcare, Entertainment, Enterprise, and Financial sectors. I focus on super-custom WordPress themes and plugins to help companies increase automation, processes, and to leverage their site with better security practices. I still think it is the best CMS solution for a client, and comfortable with it for both large and Enterprise-level applications. I leverage my OOP and custom development experience to build highly unique user experiences, built on the back of WordPress.

Mockups to HTML Development

I started out over 10 years ago working directly with ad agencies on both coasts taking designs and turning them into pixel perfect html/css/sass frontend representations of .PSD, .AI, Figma mockups. I have an eye for design, and the ability to strive for perfection with chosen designs on the various number of platforms your audience are using. I also enjoy walking a client through a new site design process without chosen mockups, instead opting for an orangic approach to creating a stunning website. I started out as a frontend designer, and still enjoy the process.

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Get In Touch

I'm proudly located in the Bluegrass and Bourbon capital of the world: Kentucky. I value ease of client communication. I am currently @happycog working remotely!

You can send me an email at zach@zachis.it, find me on Twitter, view my GitHub, reach out to me on LinkedIn.